profil aktor korea, (project baru smtownindo)

hhai,.,hhai,,.seperti yang q janjikan tadi,,.q mau bikin proyek baru yang ngupas tentang aktor/aktris kore,drama korea pula.,.n ini beberapa profil artis korea yang mungkin aja qmu dah tau,.,n proyek baru mereka:



Name: 김범 / Kim Bum
Real Name: 김상범 / Kim Sang Bum
Profession: Aktor
Birthdate: 1989-Jul-07
Height: 181cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Cancer
Talent agency: EYAGI Entertainment
Family: adek cewek dan cowok dan sepupu/ penyanyi Jini
hobby: ntn film, rap, maen PS “winning”
jago geomdo & bola
Fav Food: samkyeobsal
Fav Color: hitam
Fav Number: 7
Fav Singer: T (yoon mi-rae)
Fav Actor: Hwang Jung-min
Education: Jungang University (Movie and Theater Department)


Dream (SBS, 2009)
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2008)
East of Eden (MBC, 2008)
Unstoppable High Kick (MBC, 2006)
Outrageous Women (MBC, 2006)

Film Layar Lebar

Emergency (2009)
71 (2009)
Gosa/The Story (2008)
I Like It Hot (2008)


Bon.I.F (2009, with Kim So Eun)
Maxim Coffee (2009, with Seo Woo)
Samsung Anycall: Haptic Pop (2009, with Kim Joon & Kim Hyun Joong)
Hanbul Cosmetics (2009)
T.I For Men (2009)
LG Telecom: Teenring (2009, with Lee Min Ho & Koo Hye Sun)
Spris (2009, with Go Ah Ra)
KTF SHOW: Show Al Game (2008, with Shim Eun Kyung)
Ottogi Ramyeon (2007)
Jindo P.S.1 (2007)
Crown Vic: Big Pie (2007, with Kim Hye Sung & Park Min Young)
KTF (2006)


2008 Korean Drama Festival: Netizen Popularity Award

Credit: Google+Drama Wiki + KimBumIndo



Name :Lee Min Ho ( 이민호 )
Birthday : June 22nd, 1987
Height : 186 cm
Weight : 67kg
Blood Type : A
Star sign : Cancer
Hobby : Watching movies, Sports and Leisure, Playing games and Soccer
Family : Parents & 1 older sister
Education : Seoul Male Elementary School
Seoul Ban-po Middle School
Seoul Dan-Gook High School
Geon-Gook University, major Video/Film
Debute : [EBS, May  20th, 2006]  Secret Campus (비밀의 교정)
Company : Starhaus Entertainment
Official Website : Min Ho’s Korean Website
: Min Ho’s Japan Website
: Min Ho’s Cyworld
: Fan Cafe Daum
Other Website : Lee Min Ho International Forum

[2009, KBS2] Boys Over Flowers (꽃보다 남자) as Goo Jun Pyo

[ 2008, MBC] But I Don’t Know Too (나도 잘 모르지만) as Min Wook Gi

[2007, KBS2] I Am Sam as Heo Mo Se

[2007, SBS] Mackarel Run (달려라 고등어) as Cha Gong Chan

[2006, EBS] Secret Campus (비밀의 교정) as Park Doo Hyun

[2008] Our School E.T (English Teacher)

[2008] Public Enemy Returns


[2009] Best New Actor (Boys Over Flower) at The 45th Baeksang Arts Awards


[2009] Trugen: COMING SOON!

[2009] Samsung Anycall Haptic: COMING SOON!

[2009] Pepsi Nex

[2009] Levi Strauss Signature

[2009]Cass Beer – Extreme 2X

[2009] Dunkin Donuts

[2009] Etude House

[2009] Market O

[2009] LG Telecom

[2009] Cadillac

  • Picture: [1],

[2009] IFIT

[2007] KTF

[2007]Lotte World


[2006]Pizza Hut, UGIZ catalog

Random Pics

[1] [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], 11, [12], [13], [14], [15], [17], [18], [19], [20],
[21], [22], [23], [24], [25], [26], [27], [28]

Min Ho’s Childhood & Family: [1], [2], [3]
Baeksang Award [1], [2]
BOF Japan Meeting: [1], [2], [3], K.Will & MinHo,Recording
[22.05.2009] Lee Min Ho di Incheon Airport

Lee Min Ho Debut 1000 Days
Meet n Greet in Thailand
Lotte Autograph Session
Min Ho in Sunglasses & TOPLESSS
Min Ho’s Habit

Random Videos

Lee Min Ho World’s Subbed Channel
Lee Min Ho – Up and Down – KBS Ent Relay [Eng sub]
Lee Minho, Most Promising Star of 2009 (English Sub)
KBS2 Ent. Relay – Levis Signature Photoshoot [Eng sub]
Mnet Japan Boys Over Flowers BTS
Actor Lee Min Ho adds soft drinks to his list [Eng sub]
KBS World Ent Relay [Eng sub]
You My Everything[temporary]
F4 Special Edition-Jun Pyo

You My Everything

News and Fact

[40 Things] All About Lee Min Ho
Lee MinHo’s Painful Secret Revealed
Lee Min Ho Serves Donuts & Coffee
ISP intrerview with Lee Min Ho
LMH interview Vogue Girl June 2009, Part I
LMH interview Vogue Girl June 2009, Part II


Japanese Magazine lil Brokore April Issue lil ASTA TV Magazine [P1],[P2] lil High Cut Magazine lil Vogue Girl Magazine [P1] , [P2] lil [P3] lil Vogue Magazine lil Singles [P1] , [P2] lil CECI Magazine [P1] lil [P2] lil W Magazine lil LMH in Japan Magazine

Credit : Soompi|Daum|Youtube



Name in English: Jang Keun Suk/Jang Geun Suk
Name in Korean: 장근석
Name in Hanja: 張根錫
Date of Birth: 4th August, 1987
Zodiac/Horoscope: Leo
Height: 182cm (6ft)
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, Mother (Only Child, no siblings)
Education: KwangJang Middle school, Bangsan High School, New Zealand Nelson College, Hanyang University Drama (Major in Movie)
School Year: February 2000 – Seoul DongYi Primary school graduate
February 2003 – KwangJang middle school graduate
January 2003 – New Zealand Nelson College enrollment
July 2003 – Bangsan High School First year joins in the middle of course
February 2006 – Hanyang University Enrollment – Drama (major in Movie)
Hobbies: listening to music, snowboarding, skiing, singing, dancing
Treasure: Family, Playstation
Favourite Color: Blue, Ivory White
Specialty: Skiing, Snowboarding
Favourite Food: Spicy food, 게장 – GeJang(marinated raw crabs)
Favourite Fruit: Pineapple
Most respected person: Kim Gu Kim Gu profile
Ideal Partner: Honest, Cute, woman with great sense of dressing
What is the first feature that you look in a woman: Eyes
What do you hear most from opposite gender: You are so cute
Favourite possession: Clothes, Accessories
Motto: Nothing is impossible!
Close Celeb Friends: CSJH Stephanie, Isak, MC Mong, Moon Geun Yong, Yoo Ah In, Choi Si Won
Favourite Actor: Ahn Sung-ki/안성기/安圣基
Company: Lobe Entertainment (he is in the same company with Son Ho Young, Tim, Seo Ji Young, Lee Hyuk Woo, more.)
Debut: Sitcom Selling Happiness
First Debut Drama: Women’s World
Geun Suk is multi talented. He has done VJ, MC, Voice dubbed for cartoon, Acting, Modelling, dancing
Geun Suk has done modelling for MCM,Etude, LeSportsac, Motorola,etc.
Geun Suk also plays guitar. He sings, he dance too, even tap dancing!

SBS 1998 – Hug
SBS 2001 – Women’s World, 여인천하
MBC 2001 – Four Sisters’ Story, 네 자매 이야기
SBS 2002 – The Great Ambition, 대망
SBS 2002 – School
SBS 2002 – Orange
MBC 2003 – Nonstop 4
SBS 2005 – Lovers in Prague, 프라하의 연인
Tooniverse 2006 – Alien Sam, 에일리언 샘
KBS2 2006 – Hwang Jini, 황진이
Heroine 6
Rainbow Romance
KBS2 2007 – Hong Gil Dong, 홍길동
MBC  2008 – Beethoven Virus


2004-2005, Jang Keun Suk’s FunFan MC, YTN STAR
2005, What’s Up – MC, DMB TV
SBS TV 2005, TV Box Office – MC, TV박스오피스 2007, Chase! X-Boyfriend – MC
2007 Inkigayo – MC host Inkigayo Thread
2008 ExtremeX 2

2002 Cartoon – Treasure Planet, 보물성
2006 One Missed Final Call, 착신아리 파이널
2006 Chakshin Ari Final, 착신아리 파이널
2007 Doremifasolasido, 도레미파솔라시도
2007 Happy Life, 즐거운 인생
2007 Going Crazy Waiting, 기다리다 미쳐
2008 Baby and Me
2008  UPCOMING MOVIE ..Niko & The Way To The Stars, Niko – Lentajan Poika, 2008 (24122008)

2001-2004 – SK TING, SK텔레콤 (with BoA)
2005-2006 – Skool looks, 스쿨룩스
Coca Cola
Daily Milk
Salim Food
2006 – 칙촉 Chic Choc Biscuits
2006 Shu Uemura
2007 LeSportsac
2007 – ETUDE [CF]
Kellogs Cornflakes advertisement
Ottogi Quick Meals advertisement
2008 – BSX Youtube BSX Making commercial BSX Pics

VJ for SBS, “Live直播人氣歌謠” 2001-2002
Jang Geun Suk’s Young Street, 2004-2005 SBS
Jang Geun Suk’s TU2U, 2005 DMB Radio

Mini Biography:
Keunsuk made his debut as a 10 year old actor in TV sitcom, “We sell happiness”.
He also appeared in TV sitcom “Nonstop 4″ in 2003, soap opera “Lovers in Prague” in 2005.
With significant success of starring role as “Eunho” in the soap opera, “Hwang Ji Yi” in 2006, Keunsuk has proved himself capable of handling versatile characters.
He has not only hosted a show but also appeared in musical(Theseus, 2004, and Hercules, 2005)

[1994] Nationwide Beautiful Children Daesang
[2004] SBS Jang Keun-suk’s Young Street Radio Program (Special Award)
[2006] KBS Acting Award Best Couple (Hwang Jin-Yi)
[2007] 10th Director’s Cut Award Male Newcomer (Happy Life)
[2008] 44th BaekSang Awards (Movie) Male Newcomer (Happy Life)
[2008] 2nd Mnet 20’s Choice Award Male Movie Star

NOMINATION male performance di daejong (grand bell award 2008) on last june (Happy Life) new actor in best new actor di 17th Buil Film Awards Nominations (Happy Life)
3 .28th Blue Dragon Awards tahun 2007 (Happy Life)
4. 6th Korea Film Awards (1 December 2007), (Happy Life)
7. korean besst dresser 2008


2 THE EXCELLENT MALE AWARD MAN , mbc award for his drama BETHOVEN VIRUS(31 DES 2008)
3. kbs award (30 des 2008)

credit : soompi, etc


Kim Hyun Joong (2)

Name: 김현중 / Kim Hyun Joong (Gim Hyeon Jung)
Nickname: Sexy Boy, Pretty boy, shillang, hyunjoongie, walking statue ^^
Profession: Actor, singer (Leader of SS501, Middle-low vocals)
Birthdate: 1986-Jun-6
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 183cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood type: B
Star sign: Gemini
Family: Parents, older brother
Religion: Christian
Education: Kyonggi University
Talents: Playing the guitar, piano, drums, dancing
Hobbies/Interests: Swimming, Health, Basketball, Soccer

TV Series
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2008) as Yoon Ji hoo
Spotlight (MBC, 2008, cameo)
Hotelier (TV Asahi, 2007, just ep 7)
Can Love Be Refilled? Sitcom (cameo KBS2, 2005)
Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2005, just ep 208)

MBC BEST COUPLE 2008 (with Hwangbo)
The 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Male) Boys Before Flowers (2009)

All SS501’s MV
2SHAI – She laughs
Eru – Black Glasses

Tony Molly
Nongshim noodles
Samsung Anycall Blue
SS501 Seolreim CF
SS501 Mighty mac CF
SS501 Elite CF (Ara)
SS501 Elite CF (Yoonah)
070209 SS501 Elite Uniform photoshoot
070713 Mnet WideNews Elite CF Shooting

Single song
Thank You Single
Because I’m Stupid (accoustic version)

Variety (90 persen list di bawah udah engsub)

Variety bareng anak SS501 yang wajib tonton ( variety SS501 banyak bin banget, ni baru beberapa ajah)
SS501 MBCKingSaturday -WakingUp  –> wajib tonton
SS501 MBCKingSaturday – TFWKMU *with dogie* –> wajib tonton
SS501 M.Net Stalker 1-5
SS501 M.Net SOS –> wajib tonton, mami papi aigoo suka banget
SS501 Leader+jungmin MBC Star life story with hyori 060313
MBC Golden Fishing mini drama(Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Jihoon, Kang Ho dong)

Individual variety
Xman series
Xman #39 – 김장훈 (Kim JangHoon) HyunJoong

Episode 87 (2005.07.03)
Episode 88 (2005.07.10)

Xman #41 – 박경림 (Park Kyung Lim)  Double HJ (HyunJoong + HyungJoon)

Episode 92 (2005.08.07)
Episode 93 (2005.08.14)

Xman #42 n – 유노윤호 (U-Know YoonHo)  HyunJoong

Episode 94 (2005.08.21)
Episode 95 (2005.08.28)

Xman #43 – 이진 (Lee Jin)  Double HJ

Episode 96 (2005.09.04)
Episode 97 (2005.09.11)

Xman #44 – 구준엽Koo Joon Yup  HyunJoong

Episode 98 (2005.09.18)
Episode 99 (2005.09.25)

Xman #46 – 지상렬 (Ji Sang Ryul)  Double HJ

Episode 102 (2005.10.16)
Episode 103 (2005.10.23)

Xman #52 – 정준호 (Jung Joon Ho)  HyunJoong

Episode 114 (2006.01.08)
Episode 115 (2006.01.15)

Xman #61 – 박명수 (Park Myung Soo)  Double HJ

Episode 133 (2006.05.21)
Episode 134 (2006.05.28)

Xman #3 – Brian (FTTS) 2006   HyunJoong + YoungSaeng

Xman #4 – kim hyun jung SS501 2006  HyunJoong

New Xman #12  (4th Feb 2007)  Double HJ

Loveletter Season 2
LL Ep. 24 & 25 (01 Oct ‘05 & 08 Oct ‘05)  HyunJoong

LL Ep. 28 & 29 (29 Oct ‘05 & 05 Nov ‘05)  HyunJoong

Heroine 6 Girl (format 3)
Episode 56 (051127) & 57 (051204)  Kim Hyun Joong & ParkJung Min

Episode 58 (051211) & 59 (051218)  Kim Hyun Joong & ParkJung Min

Episode 85 (060625) & 86 (060702)  Kim Hyun Joong & ParkJung Min

Episode 110 (061217) & 111 (061124) ~ X-Mas Special   Double HJ

Episode 119 (070218), 120 (070225)  Kim Hyun Joong & ParkJung Min

2006: Hyun joong and Brian
Feb 2009 : BOF

Golden Bell
Goldbell 10feb07

Sangsang plus
SSP 090113 – BOF cast [engsub]

WE GOT MARRIED with Hwang Bo (MBC,2008)
Hyunjoong-Hwangbo (Ssangchu couple) cuts engsub EPSD 9-38



Actor/Talent: Hyun Bin (현빈)
Real Name: Kim Tae Pyung (김태평)
Birthday: September 25, 1982
Blood Type: B
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Siblings: Parents and one older brother
School: Joong Ang University 중앙대학교 제1캠퍼스(서울)(연극과,졸업)
Hobbies: Swimming, Basketball
Status: Single

Management Company:
Star M Entertainment


2003 KBS Bodyguard —–> sebel jadi stalker
2003 Sitkom [Nonstop 4] – Hyun Bin
2004 Ireland – Kang Kuk
2005 MBC My Name Is Kim Sam Soon – Hyun Jin/ Samshik —> akhirnya jadi pemeran utama juga
2006 KBS Snow Queen – Han Tae Woong/ Han Deuk Gu
2008 KBS The World They Live In


2002 Shower – Hong Kyun
2004 Spin Kick – Min Kyu
2005 Daddy Long Legs – Hyun Jun
2006 Millionaire’s First Love – Jae Kyun —-> akhirnya jadi pemeran utama juga
2008 I Am Happy


Snow Queen

KBS Drama Awards Popularity Award (Male)
KBS Drama Awards Netizen Award (Male)
KBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award (with Sung Yu Ri)

My name is Kim Sam Soon

42nd The Baeksang Awards: Most Popular Couple (with Kim Sun Ah)
MBC Award: Popularity Award, The Main Couple (with Kim Sun Ah)
MBC Top Excellence Award

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  1. sinestesya berkata:

    pokoknya kim bum is the best dech….!!!!

  2. samten berkata:

    am samten and am 19 year and am a student.i have watched your movie an dso i just wanna say that am a great fan of yours

  3. ratih corenal berkata:

    hyunbin keren buanget . . .

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